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Attractions and amenities at the Playa Calatagan

  • Aquaria Water Park: This development’s anchor amenity is one of the Playa Calatagan’s highlights. This stunning 1.2-hectare water-themed resort park brings joy and laughter to every one who loves adventure in the water. The park has its own clubhouse, shops, gardens, several parks, and a whole lot more of summer experience any time of the year. Moreover, the water park has a giant 3-story high poolside, cove pools, sunken pool bar with food and beverage facility, kiddie pool, bathhouse, entrance to the beachside, and wooden cabanas, while others engage in adrenaline-pumping water sports.
  • 525 meters of fine white sand: With more than half-a-kilometer of a fine white sand beach, you can frolic along the shore of the Playa Calatagan and enjoy the beautiful view of the blue ocean right beside you.
  • Beach Clubhouse: A clubhouse beside the beach is what this beach clubhouse is all about. But unlike other fully concrete clubhouses, this structure has a Filipino touch. The roof is made from local materials while the foundation is made from strong concrete. The clubhouse is an open-air edifice overlooking the ocean.
  • Hilltop Clubhouse: This clubhouse is located on the hilly side of the property to the north. You can have a grand view of the blue waters of the West Philippine Sea while sipping coffee on the clubhouse’s wide veranda.

Other distinct amenities and features the Landco way!

On top of these amenities and attractions at the Playa Calatagan, there are more to be expected where your investment is brought to the highest level. You and the family will love the best swimming beach in Calatagan, the vast Bamboo Park, Amphitheater Park, and the Central Park. These parks offer unique enjoyment where they provide the solitude and peace once you are frolicking on these nature-inspired and verdant recreation area. Additionally, the project has numerous shops, commercial area, and restaurants. The Playa is more than a resort-world, where some residential developments are marketed as such. Here at the Playa Calatagan, you are in a real resort! 

  • Beach club
  • Clubhouse
  • Amphitheater Park
  • Bamboo Park
  • Central Park
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